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Start your journey

Les Trobadors will take you on a journey to the magnificent city of light, the capital of France: Paris,

This two-day journey runs from Saturday through Monday (excluding national holidays). Available for couples, families and mini groups

Only 2 hours by train from Argenton-sur-Creuse and easily accessible by train, Our Paris weekend is a great way to continue your cultural journey and follow in the footsteps of cultural giants of, not only French but world history.


Guided Tour

On arrival in the beautiful city of Paris, you will be met by a native-speaker guide. Your guide will take you to your hotel and from there you will start to explore the historic sights and sounds of the Latin Quarter. Later you will continue your exploration through the majestic boulevards of Baron Haussmann’s Paris and end your tour by enjoying the picturesque view from Montmartre and the Sacré cœur.

Along your exploration you will learn your new language in the same way you did with your native language: see – say – do it’s that easy


Traval and Stay

Our deluxe package round-trip transport SNCF (1st class) & RATP (Paris), a stay centrally located 4 star hotel, leisurely lunch on a river cruise tour, museum day pass and Les Trobadors guided tour.

Our serenity package, round-trip transport SNCF & RATP (Paris), a stay centrally located 3 star hotel, 2 day hip on/off river cruise ticket, Museum day pass and Les Trobadors guided tour.



Our curated experience program varies depending on your needs: From museum visits and river cruises, to heading underground to visit the spooky catacombs and of course not to forget the great lady herself - the Eiffel tower.

When visiting Paris you have to experience its gastronomic excellence, you will dine (lunch) in restaurants we have given the seal of approval (dependant on your chosen activity locations), and as always we leave you free to choose your evening meal.

You will have a chance to put what you’ve learned into practice in a freer and not to mention tasty way, you will communicate with more confidence, validating your language learning by experiencing new and exciting things, experiencing a richer or vibrant Paris than you have ever experienced before.

Your journey route

With a morning of guided tours with one of our expert guides

and an afternoon and the following morining dedicated to Paris experiences you will have ample time to soak-up the real flavour of France.

The objective of our training courses are to create a moment which will have a lasting impact on your life, thinking, understanding your daily life and your relationship with others, allowing you to refocus, reflect on what is fundamental and improve your wellbeing.


The Love Routes

Our Love Journey is available in possible routes spanning the length and breadth of the Berry Region: whether it is our literary excellence or world renowned palaces that take your fancy, you will see the great heartland of France in all her beauty.


Your Journey timetable

Your day will start with a meeting with your Trobador guide, who will give you the key terms and language that you will require for your workshop and/or excursions in the afternoon.