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Learn and Speak

A native-speaker will guide your little ones through our immersive program tailored to their ability and needs. They they will improve their speaking and comprehension ability. They will learn in the best way possible, through fun and play, just as they learned their native language : see – say – do it’s that easy!

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A journey through the real heart of France.

Over 10 hours of dedicated language training English/French with our expert guides and at least 15 hours of workshops or guided visits on which your children will be able to play in the real heart of France.

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See - Make - Do

Practice makes perfect!

Our workshop program varies depending on the season and the needs and interests of our learners: cookery classes or fruit picking, cheese making or leather working to name but a few. They will have the chance to practice the new language they have acquired in fun and interactive situations with expert guides, trained in the education of young learners of English/French as a second language.

Les cabannes de Chanticlaire

Les cabannes de Chanticlaire

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Visit and play

A chance to put learning into practice in a freer way. The central location of the Berry, as well as its rich food history, gives you a wide range of fun and exciting things to do. Be it a cycle ride, horse riding, fishing in an étang (fish pond) or visiting historic sites (châteaux, roman villages, prehistoric cave dwellings etc).

Sleep and Rest Our nature package, in the Brenne National Park, has access to a swimming pool, bbq facilities and a sun terrace. Ideal for families or small groups. Our cultural package puts you in the heart of the picturesque town of Argenton-sur-Creuse, with a choice of restaurants and cultural activities. Ideal for couples and individual students.

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