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Les Trobadors or Els Trobadors : Origin - provincial - Occitan or Langue d’Oc

Meaning a lyrical poets of the 12th and 13th century who wrote ballads in the “langues d’Oc”.

Traveling mistrals or musicians


Curated Holidays

The new way to learn a language in cultural immersion.

Learning a language which will serve as the key to a curated holiday that showcases the rich history of the Berry.

"To know two languages is to have a second soul" Charlemagne

We offer an innovative way of learning - a pedagogy that gives students the opportunity to improve their practice of the French language then develop their fluency by using it in practical workshops.

This language learning is makes up a curated language holiday.


Transformational holiday

It is a moment of pleasure that is not accessible in everyday life, a moment that justifies the cost and energy of the trip, a moment that creates memories that will be at the heart of stories and anecdotes told to friends and family.

This holiday, as its name suggests, must transform you. It will have a lasting impact on your life, thinking, understanding your daily life and your relationship with others. its objective is to allow you to refocus, reflect on what is fundamental and improve your well-being. A transformational holiday is a way to return to the fundamentals and change your way of life.

Allowing you to see yourself and others differently.



A village in the heart of France

Our centre is located in the heart of the city of Argenton-sur-Creuse (36). We work in partnership with local merchants, craftsmen and hoteliers. The centre offers language immersion stays (in French and English).

A typical day consists of language workshops in the morning, run by a local guide.The language you learn there will help you benefit fully from your afternoon’s experience.