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Chamber of Commerce & Industry

April 2019 ‘Learning, the connection between language and culture’

Argenton-sur-Creuse: Created in january, 2019, the Start-up Les Trobadors offer cultural holidays and language training in the Berry region.

Markus ADAMS and Samuel EXLEY, creators of Les Trobadors, have lived in France for more than 10 years and 2 years in the department of Indre, promote the very best of the regions and its people…


La Nouvelle République

25/05/19 ‘Les Trobadors of the Brenne’

Markus ADAMS and Samuel EXLEYare English and have live in France for over 12 years, Living in Prissac, they have created a start-up - Les Trobadors, and offer holidays and immersive language training teaching the very best of the culture of the Berry. Markus studied history and works in the Education sector; Samuel is an English teacher and Actor.

Their project, followed by Brenne Intivative, anda received seed capital from the Credit Agricole [sic], the company is incubated at Châteauroux Métropole’s La Pépinière d’entreprise.

“We offer an innovative method which allows learners to improve their skills and gain more confidence”….