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Start your journey…

Delve into a cultural language journey spanning thousands of years in three to seven days, depending on your availability.

You will discover the very best of the beautiful region of the Berry in the heart of France. From its ancient culinary origins, its medieval splendour to its modern day renaissance.

This curated holiday allows you to enrich your language skills, refine your pallet and develop your knowledge of this diverse region, which forms the crossroads at the centre of the spectacular country of France.

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A native-speaker will guide you through our immersive program tailored to your ability and needs. Need is the operative word as every piece of newly acquired language will be reused during your workshop experience.

You will learn your new language in the same way you did your native language:

see – say – do it’s that easy…

Each of your learning experiences has been specially crafted to unpick the complex cultural tapestry of the region of the Berry. Your language guide will provide you with the resources you need to fully participate in the our workshops, excursions and guided tours.

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Our workshops offer you the chance to put the language you have learned in to practice, this complete language and cultural immersion is directed by a cultural expert: a real life professional, with skill sets as varied as:

The fine art of a Chocolatier in the renowned town of Valençay

Cheese making- In the world famous town of Pouligny-Saint-Pierre

Sommelier training - We are spoilt for choice in The Berry with Valençay, Reuilly, Sancerre & Montou-salon to name but a few

Honey production - Learn the secrets of honey in the quaint village of Prissac

Chef school - Learn how to impress your friends with French haute cuisine

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Alongside our workshop program, you will visit historical and cultural locations throughout the region, another great way to put your new language skills into practice, understanding tour guides and other people you will meet as you wind your way across the region.

With locations such as: The Chateau of Valencay - with its kitchens, gardens and culinary pedigree with the father of haute gastronomy Marie-Antoine Carême; The vineyards Reuilly and Sancerre; The cattle farmers of the Limosin

you won’t have any room for dessert…

How it works…

Over 10 hours of dedicated language training with our expert guides and at least 15 hours of workshops or guided visits on which you will be able to soak-up the real flavour of France.

The objective of our training courses are to create a moment which will have a lasting impact on your life, thinking, understanding your daily life and your relationship with others, allowing you to refocus, reflect on what is fundamental and improve your wellbeing.

A typical day consists of language acquisition in the morning, aided by our language guides, which will give you language needed for your afternoon activities.


The Taste Routes

Our Taste Journey is available in possible routes spanning the length and breadth of the Berry Region: whether it is our literary excellence or world renowned palaces that take your fancy, you will see the great heartland of France in all her beauty.


Your journey timetable

Your day will start with a meeting with your Trobador guide, who will give you the key terms and language that you will require for your workshop and/or excursions in the afternoon